Okinawa Health Biotechnology Research and Development Center

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■ Objective of the Bio-Center
The objective of the Okinawa Health Biotechnology Research and Development Center is to create valuable new industries and to improve manufactured products by conducting bio health related research and experimental development trough government-industry-academia collaboration.

The Facilities of the Center

(The whole)
The Center guarantees security, functionality and circulation. It is composed of three sections: the management section, the research section and the demonstration section.

(The Management Section)
The functional conference rooms and training rooms are perfect for meetings between companies.

(The Research Section)
The rental research rooms offer functionality and relaxation.
The analytical instrument room is equipped with the latest technology.

(The Demonstration Section)
Includes a contamination area and an uncontaminated area, a clearly separated processing plant, a sample plant and a bio plant.

Analysis and the experiment machinery and rental room
○NMR spectrometer, GC-mass spectrometer, TOF-mass spectrometer, DNA sequencer, ..etc
○Rental Research Room・・・13 rooms

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